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"All are Welcome" - Building Our Future

The following Vision Statement reflects our desire for St. Andrew's to become an even more welcoming retreat and conference center:

St. Andrew's House will increase the accessibility of its services to all who seek to enter,

while maintaining the warmth, intimacy and home-like quality that our guests most value.

Ways to Contribute

  • Make donations on an annual or monthly basis to build the foundation for a healthy community of caring ministry

  • Give gifts designated to meet specific needs, such as new equipment or projects that particularly touch your heart

  • Include St. Andrew's House in your trust or estate planning.  You can leave a lasting legacy that will impact this sacred space for years to come (see below)

How to Join Our Chapter of the Bishop’s Society 

  • Bequests through your will—the most common form of a legacy gift 

Specify a dollar amount, a piece of property, or a percentage or the residual of your estate.  Consult with a qualified attorney who can review your goals in light of applicable federal and state laws, and ensure that your will accurately reflects your specific wishes. 

  • Beneficiary Designations 

You can pass your assets directly to an individual or organization outside of probate, simply by designating them as a beneficiary. 

For example, you may name St. Andrew’s House as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, pension, retirement fund, commercial annuity contract, bank account, or brokerage account.  Talk with your attorney or financial planner about possible tax benefits from these arrangements. 

  • Other Types of Planned Giving  

Charitable Gift Annuities or Trusts:  These provide you with current tax benefits, provide income to you during your lifetime, and then leave the remainder to the St. Andrew’s House.  Qualified Charitable Contributions (QCD): These satisfy your retirement account’s Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), and can provide tax benefits.  Other Gifts: There are easy ways to gift your stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds—contact the Bishop’s Office at 206.325.4200. 

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