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Discerning Our Future

The St. Andrew's House Advisory Committee is asking for a call for prayer to those who love this sacred place. No emergency or tragedy, just wanting discernment about our future. We have an important decision to make in the next couple of months, which will greatly shape the direction of our ministry. Exciting possibilities are before us, but we have much to consider in moving ahead. As many of you know, our Vision is the following:


St. Andrew's House will increase the accessibility of its services to all who seek to enter, while maintaining the warmth, intimacy and home-like quality that our guests most value.


Much effort and planning are going into how we can live into this Vision, and how best to go about it. We are not able to give more details at this time, but would appreciate your prayers for discernment, financial support and visioning.

 Thank you for loving and supporting the work of St. Andrew's House!

Ways to Contribute

  • Make donations on an annual or monthly basis to build the foundation for a healthy community of caring ministry

  • Give gifts designated to meet specific needs, such as new equipment or projects that particularly touch your heart

  • You can give through the sale of stock or life insurance.  Contact us for details on how to designate St. Andrew's House.

  • Include St. Andrew's House in your trust or estate planning.  You can leave a lasting legacy that will impact this sacred space for years to come (see below)

How to Join Our Chapter of the Bishop’s Society 

  • Bequests through your will—the most common form of a legacy gift 

Specify a dollar amount, a piece of property, or a percentage or the residual of your estate.  Consult with a qualified attorney who can review your goals in light of applicable federal and state laws, and ensure that your will accurately reflects your specific wishes. 

  • Beneficiary Designations 

You can pass your assets directly to an individual or organization outside of probate, simply by designating them as a beneficiary. 

For example, you may name St. Andrew’s House as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, pension, retirement fund, commercial annuity contract, bank account, or brokerage account.  Talk with your attorney or financial planner about possible tax benefits from these arrangements. 

  • Other Types of Planned Giving  

Charitable Gift Annuities or Trusts:  These provide you with current tax benefits, provide income to you during your lifetime, and then leave the remainder to the St. Andrew’s House.  Qualified Charitable Contributions (QCD): These satisfy your retirement account’s Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), and can provide tax benefits.  Other Gifts: There are easy ways to gift your stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds—contact the Bishop’s Office at 206.325.4200. 

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