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Jim Symon's Hope

We had the privilege this past weekend to host a family reunion for the Symons. Arthur Symons and his family built the Lodge in 1928, where it was used for family vacations and gatherings of their church and social clubs until they sold it to Norton Clapp, who then gave it to the Episcopal Church. Three of the Symon's four children gathered with their kids, grandkids and great-grandkids to tell stories, reminisce and simply fellowship and play together. On Saturday evening, everyone came together for the traditional family photo and discussion. This weekend's topic was "Where do we find hope in a time of pandemic?" Jim Symon's gave this response to begin:

"So here's my answer to the question of where do I see signs of hope:

I see signs of hope in the fact that,

really almost for the first time in the history of the United States of America,

we are dealing with, I'd say,

the original sin of America,

which is Racism."

As the Episcopal Church, and all of us, come face to face with this original sin, may we do all in our power to right the wrongs of our past, and work together for a future of justice and reconciliation. Perhaps this is a new beginning of Hope, after all. May it be so.

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