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One Foot in Eden

"The question we need to ask ourselves at every stage (of life) is, where are the side chapels of our lives? What are the times and places when we can enter silence even for a few minutes?" - John Philip Newell, One Foot in Eden, p. 75, quoted by a Cottage guest in November 2018.

The Cottage has remained a blessed constant in this past year of uncertainty, changing plans and closed doors. Our guests have enjoyed a safe haven, a "side chapel" here, throughout the pandemic. Here are a selection of poetic entries in the Cottage logbook over the past several years (names omitted):

I have been feeling undone.

God is in this place and he knit me back together here.

This atmosphere is absolutely---

No matter the weather---

Serenely perfect.

Sun, clouds, mist, seashells

Look like white petals from a cherry blossom tree

Really turn into more oyster shells upon oyster shells

May the longtime sun shine upon you and all you love.

Five glorious days and nights of sabbath.

Wind, rain, rainbow, calm, clouds, clear.


Holy, holy, holy, in deep gratitude.

Went to bed listening to rain and waves

Woke to beautiful clear skies and puffins diving for food.

In the rain or sunshine

It's a beautiful, peaceful setting to re-charge.

Just enough rain

Just enough sun

Just enough thought

Just enough fun!

My granddaughter, age five

First words when she walked out on the deck and took it all in:

"Wow, this must be heaven."

A beautiful time as it always is...

Being lazy and reading books

Kayaking on a smooth-as-glass canal

Watching birds fly by

Seeing otters play and catch fish

Resting in God's grace and beauty

The fog covering, uncovering

Allowing me to see different views at different times

Like getting older.

What is this place

That shifts your life into a peace

So swiftly upon entering?

Restful and relaxing

Even with limited views

And apocalyptic sun

When it was able to peek through.

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