Radical Amazement:  Praying with Mary Oliver and Abraham Joshua Heschel, March 7, 4:00pm to March 10, 1:00pm.  Cost:  $375 for all sessions, meals and lodging in private room.  Nonrefundable deposit is $100; balance payable upon arrival.


This contemplative Lenten retreat will provide time for rest, prayer, meditation and reflection in the beauty of St. Andrew’s Retreat House on Hood Canal.  Mary Oliver and Abraham Joshua Heschel will be our guides in learning to live with wonder, awe and amazement.


Retreat leader:  Paul Rietmann is a retired Episcopal priest and spiritual director.  He is the author of Jesus and Buddha Meet in Stillness:  A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation and Contemplative Prayer.

Radical Amazement March 7-10 Retreat Deposit