Looking to St Francis for Hope During a Time of Ecological Change: April 25-28, 2022.  This in-person retreat will focus upon the life of St. Francis of Assisi for inspiration and hope during this time of climate change. There will be time for rest, prayer, silence, meditation and reflection in the beauty of St. Andrew’s House. The retreat will be led by:


The Rev. Paul Rietmann, retired Episcopal priest, spiritual director and retreat leader. A frequent guest at St. Andrew’s House, Paul is the author of Jesus and Buddha Meet in Stillness: A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation and Contemplative Prayer.


Dr. Shana Hirsch is a research scientist at the University of Washington. Her work focuses on societal adaptation to climate change. Shana is the author of Anticipating Future Environments: Climate Change, Adaptive Restoration, and the Columbia River Basin.


The retreat begins Monday, April 25, 4:00, and adjourns on Thursday, April 28, 1:00.  Cost:  $375 for sessions, meals & lodging in private room.  Reserve your spot with nonrefundable deposit of $100; balance payable upon arrival.  Space for only 10 guests, so book early!

Looking to St. Francis for Hope April 25-28 Deposit