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Some Poetry Resurrected

What follows are three poems that I wrote in 2013...having stumbled across them, I thought I'd share!

- Dan Oberg, Director

Single Bird

The simple faith of a single bird

That spring will come at last

She waits in late snows undeterred

Trusts winter’s icy grip will pass

Yet how I allow the storms of life

To pull attention from the one

Who bears me through every strife

And always comes to rise the sun

The Leap

Faith is like crossing a swift, raging current

With stones of varying gaps on which to tread

Some steady, secure; given to hop & skip

Some calling for leaps o’er gaps filled with dread

Yet when I recall the strong, sure hand

Which awaits just ‘round the bend

The leap is just a part of the dance

Bringing a needed plunge now & then

Eternal Youth

As Jesus is the eternal youth of the Ancient of Days

May my heart remain ever child-like

May my dreams forever grow wild-like

May I allow myself to smile, like

I do when I abide in Life’s incorruptible blaze

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